Bored Monster, Volume One

Bored Monster, Volume One: The Awakening
Written by Scotty Useless
Illustrated by Caroline Landmine
4.25 x 11 in (closed)
Publication date: Fall 2012

Meetings can be boring. Not just I-wish-I-were-outside-drinking-bourbon boring. I mean really, really boring.

I mean turning-people-into-monsters boring. I mean becoming-a-monster-and-then-getting-stronger-from-the-boredom boring.

Scotty Useless teamed up with Philly based artist and illustrator (and hotty) Caroline Landmine for this very special Palilogy Zine.

Dreaming of better times

So… bored. So, so bored! Must retreat to happy place…

So big! So strong! So bored!

Yes! Keep saying bland, vacuous things! It makes me stronger!

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