Full Catalog

Welcome to Palilogy’s Catalog page.

Palilogy Press makes lots of things, including movies and bad jokes, but we mostly make bound items. For ease of conversation we usually make a distinction between books and zines, but in reality most of our stuff falls somewhere on the spectrum of ephemera to artists books. We’ll leave it to the scholars to figure all that out.

We’ve put all of our titles here so you can see what we’ve been up to. Enjoy! (And drop us a line should you want one of these.)

2012 Books

At this Rate We’ll Be Here Forever

Of All the Indignities of Nature

I Will No Longer be Taking Lessons From Animals

2012 Zines

Bored Monster, Volume One

I’m Gonna Get You, Art (A Scotty Useless Adventure)

2011 Zines (AKA 2011 Monthlies)

January (This Year’s Gonna Be Better For Me)

February (Pronouncing That Word)

March (Everything’s Worse Than It Used To Be)

April (Project: Excitement)

May (Am I a Tool?)

June (Sometimes Things Work Out)

July (Multum in Parvo)

August (Summer Cold)

September (Let’s All Do This Thing That I think Is a Good Idea!)

October (The Most Wonderful Time of the Year)

November (There’s Nothing You can Do About Being in My Musical)

December (Next Year’s Gonna Be Different For Me!)