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Works created under the name Scotty Useless.

Bored Monster, Volume One

So big! So strong! So bored!

Bored Monster, Volume One: The Awakening Written by Scotty Useless Illustrated by Caroline Landmine 4.25 x 11 in (closed) Publication date: Fall 2012 Meetings can be boring. Not just I-wish-I-were-outside-drinking-bourbon boring. I mean really, really boring. I mean turning-people-into-monsters boring. I mean becoming-a-monster-and-then-getting-stronger-from-the-boredom boring. Scotty Useless teamed up with Philly based artist and illustrator (and […]

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I’m Gonna Get You, Art!


By Scotty Useless 20 pages 5.5 x 4.25 (closed) Hand Drawings Please enjoy the following selection from the zine. To read the full adventure, drop Scott a line and let him know you’re interested. Scotty Useless is tired of being the only one in the city who doesn’t get art. In this adventure he sets […]

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