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Books from Katy

Two Glasses and Fine Whiskey

How to Catch a Jackalope and Don’t Throw Rocks at Birds by Katy Matich Katy Matich is totally awesome. Her books never cease to teach us valuable lessons — what we shouldn’t do, how to do what we should be doing. Take, for example the following books that we got in exchange for Lessons from […]

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Book from Aestel & Acanthus Press

This is not Where You Belong cover page

This is Not Where You Belong By Jarod Rosello Printed at Aestel & Acanthus Press We were lucky to meet Gabriel and Leah Ford at this year’s Philly Zine Fest. They are the proprietors of Aestel & Acanthus Press based in State College, PA. In exchange for Lessons for Animals, they traded This is not […]

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How To Die Zine from Ryan

Hand reaching

How to Die (And Live To Tell About It) By Ryan Lindburg Our good friend, and ever-faithful trade partner, Ryan, sent along his How To Die (and Live to Tell About It) zine in exchange for Of All The Indignities of Nature.    

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Drawing and Bracelets from Josh and Shannon

line drawing of Caroline and Scott, dancing in the sunshine

Drawings from Josh, age 5 Shannon Kennedy — Scott’s little sister, champion thumb-wrestler and terror of deep-south Texas — teamed up with her son Josh, age 5, to make these trades. In exchange for I Will No Longer Be Taking Lessons From Animals, they sent along this awesome drawing of Scott and Caroline dancing in […]

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Print from Leokadia

Project, People, Paths. Etching. Leokadia Stanik.

Etching from Leokadia Stanik New Jersey-based printmaker and all-around awesome lady Leokadia Stanik traded this print, “Projects, People, Paths” for our book, I Will No Longer Be Taking Lessons From Animals. We think Leokadia is great and that this print is amazing. You can see more of Leokadia’s work at her website:

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Poetry Broadsides from Abby

In-Art, Disjoint

Poetry Broadsides Abby Lang is a Philadelphia-based printmaker and librarian — and those are only two reasons why she’s awesome. In exchange for I Will No Longer Be Taking Lessons From Animals, she traded us these two beautiful poetry broadsides printed while she lived way over in Washington State. There’s a rumor floating around that […]

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Trenton Ave from Lisa

"Trenton Ave." Woodblock. 9''x12''. Edition 1 of 8. Lisa Imperiale. Philadelphia, PA

Woodcut Print “Trenton Ave.” Lisa Imperiale, Philadelphia-based printmaker, traded us “Trenton Ave.” for I Will No Longer Be Taking Lessons From Animals! We love this print. It does a great job of capturing the energy and excitement of Trenton Ave and the surrounding neighborhood. (Fishtown is not our beloved West Philly, but we’ll admit it’s […]

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Drawings from Jeremy

Awesome cube drawing. 2012. Jeremy Fitzgerald. Louisville, KY.

Drawings from Jeremy Jeremy Fitzgerald is an painter, tattoo artist, established grumpy-pants and long time music advisor to Scott. He is currently based in beautiful Louisville, Ky and writes the Hold Fast blog and tweets under @nerdtattooer. In return for I Will No Longer Be Taking Lessons From Animals, he sent along the following drawings. […]

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Consumer Zines from Ryan

Consumer issue 4. Cover. Ryan Lindburg. New Orleans, LA

Consumer Zine from Ryan Lindburg Ryan Lindburg is an artist, teacher, print-maker, and David Lynch enthusiast hailing from New Orleans, LA. In exchange for Of All the Indignities of Nature he sent along the previously long-lost issues 4 and 5, of his zine “Consumer”. Long thought lost, this recent re-discovery will prove a boon to […]

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